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New Album : Malkhout oktober 2011

Sacred chants of Orient

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Voyage of Poumi’s life

In the first part of my life I was essentially a dancer and a choreographer, all though I was painting and chanting…
Starting in Maurice Béjart’s company, than had my own company with creations all over (Europe, Mediterranean countries, Africa, New York, Antilles, and a lot in India…)
In India I learned mantras and prayers on the banks of river Ganges, than started a series of cd’s focused on Indian spiritual chants and after, Tibetan: “Incantations”, “Incandescence”, “Hung” and “Rudraksha”. The last one just born, is “Malkhout” with texts of Bible, in Hebrew, Greek and Arameen.
I love the sharing of this energy with the audience in concerts, each time happens a deep experience. Different programs are available: centered on a specific tradition or a voyage to all.
I also dance at the end of the program when the place makes it possible…
All my life has been focused on self knowledge and self development through body language and yoga, by teaching classes and workshops. My aim is to bound art, therapy and spirituality (in a cosmic view, I wrote a book about Sri Balayogi: “The Alchemy of Silence”).
The chants are inspired by a deep research with great spiritual masters, who gave there assents for singing these texts.
Painting and healing are also important in an other space of my life.
Everything is done to open the hart and to bring peacefulness…
Please visit my site to see some pictures: www.poumi.com mainly at “concert” and “choregraphy”


Poumi give concerts in churches, chapels, festivals, spiritual evenments like the Night for Peace, multi religion congress, theaters …
last concert at AMMA’s ashram in Kerala – India at Christmas 2011
Comming from India, still as magic as usual, intense by a very “a life” humanity…My stay at Amma’s ashram was a very deep and moving experience. Chanting for Her was just a pure moment of grace, in the presence of about 5000 people in the big hall… photo’s are not allowed to be taken there, but you can visit Amritapuri website…

“To any traditions, like Sanskrit, soufi, hebrew, sikh or Christian, Poumi dedicate her luminous voice to liturgic chants, as in all her albums “Incantations”, “Incandescence”, “Hung”, “Rudraksha”… Her childhood has been nourished by her mother opera singer, she is also a dancer. She started a long series of voyages to India from 1977, where she followed the teaching of great masters. Her deep and profound tone, moves the most hard atheist by the mysterious vibrations of her meditative chant. She is accompanied by the erudite experimenter Didier Malherbe and the fusionist Anello Capuano in her bewitching fervor …” B.Daoudi (in the French newspaper Liberation)


[box type= »shadow »]Incantations Poumi Lescaut
« Incantations » Chants of India– Arrangements by Guy Skornik


[box type= »shadow »]Incandescence Poumi Lescaut
« Incandescence » Chants of India and Tibet.
Arrangements John Boswell et Stephane Gallet.


[box type= »shadow »]Hung Poumi Lescaut
« Hung » Chants du Tibet dédiés à Droukchen Rinpotché.
Arrangements Didier Malherbe et Anello Capuano.


[box type= »shadow »]Rudraksha Poumi Lescaut
« Rudraksha » A compilation with the best of INCANTATIONS and HUNG and 2 new titles OMAMEN 14′ et RABOUNI 7′